Sunday, 20 September 2015

In my humble opinion there really is only one 'art of' book series and its the one that started it all.
I must have read this book a million times back in the late 70's. There have been a huge amount of Concept artist's since these guys started it. Ralph Mcquarrie and Joe johnston were and still are leagues ahead of all the others that followed. What they did through the 70's and 80's still fills me with Awe. I love Ron Cobb and Nilo's work and love the boldness of Syd Mead and appreciate how groundbreaking he was. Nothing else stands up to this body of work done between '74 and '83.

 Now nearly 40 years later..............


  1. Great to see The Art of Star Wars book listed on your blog....I LOVE every bit of design work in them (I just wish they'd reprint the sketchbooks)

    Looking forward to seeing the Force Awakens Art book in December, Regards.

  2. You can still find copies of the sketch books on Ebay. Well worth the investment . I'm still looking for a better Star Wars one myself. My copy has finally died of old age.

  3. Great work Kevin, just bought the book today; you have a fair share of artwork in there! I know there's a slim chance you did, but hope you had a chance to meet Dr H.Jones in person :)

  4. Couldn't agree more Kevin, thanks for the kind words about Ralph - he was a lovely man as well as an artistic genius ;)

  5. I like this film!
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