Monday, 20 December 2010

Prince of Persia

These are some images I did when I worked on POP.  Before the 'Sandroom' I was painting the 'Piston Room'!

all image copyright Disney/Bruckheimer

Finally done it!

After being very lazy and not having the energy for a website I have finally created a blog.  I'll  try to update it as and when I can.  I hope to put up some new stuff,  some old stuff,  and some really old stuff. I will try to add film work, personal work and old paintings from my days as an illustrator before the days of photoshop.

As the Art Director at Framestore I'll try to show as much release work as I can and point you in the direction of Friends, Colleagues and artists who I admire. I may occasionally ramble on about my thoughts on Art, the film Biz and any other random thoughts that pop into my head.

Hope you enjoy what you see.